Why Is My Guinea Pig Hiding Under It’s blanket? Reasons And What To Do

Guinea pigs are adorable and sociable creatures, loved by people worldwide for their delightful chirps and lovable personalities. Yet, despite their friendly nature, they are known for some puzzling behaviors, one of which is burrowing under their blankets. This behavior, while seemingly strange, can be understood better when we delve into their natural instincts and unique preferences.

As small mammals, guinea pigs are inherently prey animals. This means that they have an instinctual behavior to find refuge when they are uncertain or stressed. Hiding under a blanket or burrowing deep into their bedding material serves as a protective mechanism, providing a sense of safety and security.

Why Do Guinea Pig Burrow?

The behavior of burrowing in guinea pigs isn’t just a random act, it’s a reflection of their survival instincts. Understanding this can help us ensure that our furry friends are comfortable and content.

  • Seeking safety: In the wild, burrowing is a way for guinea pigs to protect themselves from predators. In the comfort of your home, this behavior is simply a continuation of that instinct.
  • Comfort and warmth: Burrowing provides a cozy and warm place for guinea pigs. They might burrow into their blankets or bedding when they’re feeling a bit chilly.
  • Creating a private space: Burrowing can also mean that your guinea pig is trying to create a private, quiet space for itself, away from any disturbances.

Although this behavior might seem concerning at first, it’s simply a part of their nature. As long as your guinea pig is eating, drinking, and interacting normally, there’s usually no cause for worry.

Guinea Pig.

What Material Do Guinea Pigs Like To Burrow Under The Most?

Guinea pigs are not fussy when it comes to choosing materials to burrow under. They can make a cozy den under a variety of materials that provide comfort and warmth.

One popular choice is hay. It’s a natural material that guinea pigs find appealing. Not only does it provide a great spot to burrow, but it’s also an important part of their diet. They enjoy having the ability to nibble while they nestle. Another favorite is fleece blankets. These are warm, soft, and perfect for your little friend to nestle into for a nap.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Burrow Under The Blanket?

When you notice your guinea pig burrowing under its blanket, you may wonder why they exhibit this behavior. The first reason is safety. Blankets provide a hidden, safe spot for your guinea pig. They might burrow under their blanket when they are feeling a bit nervous or just want a peaceful, quiet place for themselves.

The second reason is warmth. Blankets offer a great source of heat, and your guinea pig might be seeking that warmth, particularly during cooler temperatures. Lastly, they could be burrowing under their blanket for comfort. It offers a soft, plush place for them to relax and rest.

Is Burrowing Bad For Guinea Pigs?

It’s essential to understand that burrowing is a normal behavior for guinea pigs. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that something is wrong. It’s a part of their natural instincts, and it can help them feel safe and comfortable in their environment.

However, excessive burrowing or hiding could be a sign of stress or illness. If your guinea pig is constantly burrowing and shows signs of unusual behavior like loss of appetite, lethargy, or change in droppings, it’s best to seek advice from a vet.

How To Stop My Guinea Pig From Burrowing Under The Blanket?

While burrowing isn’t usually harmful, if you’re concerned about this behavior, there are steps you can take to reduce it.

  • Provide alternative hiding spots: Provide your guinea pig with other safe spaces like hidey houses or tunnels in their cage. This can help them feel safe without needing to burrow under their blanket.
  • Make their environment more comfortable: Ensure the cage is warm enough and free from loud noises or disturbances that could stress your guinea pig and encourage burrowing.
  • Spend time with your guinea pig: Regular interaction and gentle handling can help your guinea pig feel more secure and less likely to burrow constantly.

Remember that each guinea pig is unique and will respond differently to changes. Patience and understanding go a long way in ensuring your guinea pig’s comfort and happiness.

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Do Guinea Pigs Need To Burrow?

In essence, guinea pigs don’t need to burrow for survival in a domestic setting like they would in the wild. However, they might still exhibit this behavior due to their innate instincts. Burrowing can provide comfort, warmth, and a sense of security, so allowing your guinea pig to burrow can contribute to their overall well-being.

Why Does Guinea Pig Burrow Under The Hay?

Hay is a natural and appealing material for guinea pigs. They might burrow under it to create a comfortable nest, find a quiet spot, or simply enjoy the novelty of burrowing under something that they can also munch on. It’s a fun and enriching activity that also taps into their natural instincts.

Why Does Guinea Pig Burrow Under The Fleece?

Fleece is warm, soft, and plush, making it the perfect material for a guinea pig to burrow under. They might burrow under fleece to find a cozy, warm spot, especially during cooler days or if they’re looking for a soft place to rest and relax.


Our furry little friends, guinea pigs, are fascinating creatures with behaviors rooted deeply in their natural instincts. One such behavior is burrowing, whether under a blanket, hay, or fleece. This behavior provides them with a sense of safety, warmth, and privacy.

While it might seem strange to us, understanding their instinctual habits helps us appreciate these behaviors and enables us to provide a comfortable, stress-free environment for them. If we’re ever worried about any changes in their habits, seeking advice from a vet is the best course of action. After all, our main goal is to ensure our guinea pigs lead happy and conte

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