Why Does My Cat Bite The Phone? Actual Reasons Behind It

As captivating and eccentric creatures, cats often exhibit behaviors that leave us scratching our heads. Among these, a penchant for gnawing on our personal devices, specifically our phones, often stirs confusion.

By exploring the depths of feline psychology and their engagement with the human world, we might untangle this enigma. Is it the texture, warmth, or our phone’s light that sparks this biting spree? Let’s dig deeper.

Your Cat Communicates This Way

Biting a phone might seem peculiar, but it’s actually a unique way for cats to communicate. From seeking attention, expressing curiosity, to initiating play, the act of biting can serve many purposes in your feline friend’s language.

Phones stimulate cats’ senses with their light, vibrations, and warmth, often sparking their hunting instincts. However, if your cat bites your phone while you’re busy with it, it might also signal frustration or a need for social interaction. Understanding these behaviors can deepen our relationship with our pets.

Cat Shows It Wants To Play

Cats often have a unique way of asking for playtime and a common method is through interacting with objects around them. If your cat starts biting your phone, it could very well be its playful request to you.

The light, sounds, and vibrations emitted from your phone can act as intriguing stimuli for your cat, triggering their predatory instincts. By nibbling at your device, your feline friend might be suggesting a play session, so consider this a call to action for fun and bonding.

Cat and phone.

Your Cat Likes Your Phone Cover

Cats can be attracted to the texture or material of phone covers. They might enjoy the feeling against their teeth or even find the chewing action soothing. Thus, if your cat is constantly biting your phone, it might be signaling a fondness for the cover’s sensory appeal.

Hunting Instincts

Cats possess strong hunting instincts, ingrained from their wild ancestors. Even in a domestic setting, these instincts often surface in various forms of play and interactions with objects around them, including your phone.

Your phone’s light, vibrations, and sounds might mimic a prey’s movement or noise, triggering your cat’s predatory drive. Hence, when your cat bites your phone, it could be acting out its natural hunting behavior, viewing your device as a potential ‘prey’ in a modern environment.

Your Phone Smells With You

Cats have a heightened sense of smell, and they often use it as a primary means of understanding their environment. Your cat might associate your scent, which lingers on your phone, with comfort and safety.

If your cat is biting your phone, it could be because it smells of you. This act might be your feline friend’s unique way of expressing affection or seeking connection, comforted by the familiar scent imbued in your personal device.

How To Stop Cat From Phone Biting?

  • Provide Alternatives: Offer your cat engaging toys to distract it from your phone. Interactive toys can help satisfy your cat’s need for play and stimulation.
  • Create a No-Phone Zone: Make a certain area of your home a place where your phone is never left unattended. This can help teach your cat that the phone is off-limits.
  • Use Cat Repellents: There are non-toxic, cat-safe sprays that deter cats with their smell. Spritzing a bit around your phone area might discourage your cat from coming too close.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Reward your cat for not biting your phone. The reward could be treats, petting, or verbal praise.
  • Keep Your Phone Out of Reach: Simply placing your phone higher up or in a closed drawer when not in use can prevent your cat from getting to it.

Why Does My Cat Bite The Corners Of My Phone?

Cats, being keenly observational animals, tend to notice even the slightest details of their environment. When your cat zeroes in on the corners of your phone, it’s likely doing so for a couple of intriguing reasons.

Firstly, the corners of a phone present an easier and more manageable target than the flat surfaces. These corners fit better between their small teeth, giving your feline a better grip, much like how they would hold their prey with their mouths in the wild.

Secondly, biting corners can be part of a teething process for kittens or an attempt to maintain oral health in adult cats. The slight resistance provided by the phone’s corner can offer a soothing sensation to a cat’s gums, similar to a teething child chewing on a toy. It’s a natural behavior, albeit one that should be redirected towards more appropriate objects.

My Cat Bites Me When I’M On My Phone. What’s The Reason?

Cats are social animals and, as such, they thrive on attention and interaction with their human companions. If your cat bites you while you’re on your phone, it might be communicating its need for attention or expressing its feelings about your divided attention.

When you’re engrossed in your phone, your cat may feel neglected, resulting in it seeking your attention in various ways. Biting, albeit gently, is one such method to grab your attention. It’s not necessarily a negative behavior but rather a form of communication.

Alternatively, your cat might be intrigued by your phone usage. Seeing your fingers move across the screen might trigger its hunting or playful instincts, leading to a swift bite. Understanding these behaviors can help you navigate and address them in a way that strengthens your bond with your feline friend.

Cat and phone.

My Cat Likes Lying On My Phone. Why?

Reasons why your cat may enjoy lying on your phone:

  • The phone provides warmth, particularly when in use.
  • It’s a way to grab your attention.
  • The vibrations from the phone might be comforting.
  • Your phone carries your scent, which cats find comforting.

Your cat’s affinity for your phone might be due to the device’s warmth. When in use, phones generate heat that many cats find irresistible, akin to their fondness for sunbathing or curling up in warm spots. The warm surface of your phone makes it an enticing place for your feline friend to rest.

Moreover, cats are social animals and often seek their owner’s attention. Your phone, being an object you interact with frequently, could be seen as a rival for your affection. By lying on it, your cat is positioning itself in your line of sight, cleverly ensuring it remains the focus of your attention.

Cats’ Jealosy Towards Phones

Cats, being social creatures, often seek their human companion’s attention and affection. They might perceive the time you spend on your cellphone as a competition for your attention, leading to feelings that resemble jealousy.

Your cat may engage in behaviors such as lying on your phone, swatting it, or even biting it as a response to this perceived rivalry. These actions are your cat’s way of diverting your attention away from your device and back towards them, highlighting their desire for interaction and affection.


Understanding the seemingly odd behavior of our feline friends, such as biting phones, opens up a world of intriguing insights into their unique psychology. This behavior could be driven by various factors, ranging from playfulness and the hunt for tactile stimulation to perceived rivalry for your attention.

The key to handling this lies in understanding and addressing your cat’s needs appropriately, whether it’s more playtime or an alternative source of engagement. Always remember that these quirks are part of what makes our cats such fascinating and endearing companions. Let’s embrace and learn from these behaviors, nurturing the bond between us and our furry friends.

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