Do Maine Coons Like To Cuddle? What You Need To Know

For cat owners and prospective cat owners wondering if the Maine Coon is the right breed for them, a key question is whether these cats like to cuddle. This article will provide clarity on Maine Coons’ affectionate nature and cuddling preferences to help readers determine if this cat is a good fit for a home seeking a snuggly feline companion.

Do Maine Coon Cats Like To Cuddle?

Maine Coon cats are known as the gentle giants of the cat world. Their large size and luxurious, soft coats give the impression that they would make ideal cuddle buddies. So do Maine Coons live up to this reputation and like to cuddle with their owners?

The answer is a resounding yes! Maine Coons tend to be extremely affectionate and people-oriented cats that bond closely with their human families. They often enjoy snuggling up on their owners’ laps or pressing their bodies against their human’s side while they sleep. Compared to other cat breeds, Maine Coons are more likely to enjoy being hugged, picked up, and carried around. Their social nature translates into a love of physical closeness.

This desire to cuddle likely stems from the breed’s origins. Maine Coons are natural people lovers since they were originally working cats often kept by farmers to be companions. Their role as outdoor hunters yet indoor family members made them highly attached to their human caretakers. That people-pleasing personality remains today.

Maine Coons will often follow their owners around the house wanting attention and play. Then when it’s time to settle down, they relish curling up in a warm lap or draping themselves lovingly over their human’s shoulders. Their tranquil temperament combined with intelligence also makes them very receptive to being handled.

So for those wanting a cuddly feline friend, the Maine Coon is ready and willing. Their plush coat and sturdy build lets them be the perfect cat to pick up, hold, and snuggle close. Maine Coons usually can’t get enough of cozying up with their favorite people.

Are Maine Coons Lap Cats?

With their large size and affectionate nature, Maine Coons often love sitting in their owners’ laps. Their longer hind legs and sturdy bones make them well-equipped to position themselves across a human’s thighs. In fact, most Maine Coons become lap cats from a young age, Before long they can take up a whole lap with their fluffy tails curling around their bodies.

Maine Coons usually have no qualms about climbing into a lap uninvited. They crave that closeness with their preferred people. An owner will often find themselves with a lapful of Maine Coon purring happily as they pet its soft fur. Given their heft, having a Maine Coon sprawl across your lap can feel like having a small weighted blanket providing a calming presence. For those wanting a cat friend to keep them company, the Maine Coon’s readiness to plop down for a lap session makes them an ideal fit.

Maine Coon cat.

How Do Maine Coons Show Love Other Than Cuddling?

While cuddling may be their favorite pastime, Maine Coons have other endearing ways of showing affection to their owners as well. This breed forms strong bonds and doesn’t hesitate to express their devotion through their actions.

  • Grooming – Maine Coons will often groom their owners by licking their hair or hands. This mimics their natural grooming behavior with other cats and demonstrates their comfort and trust.
  • Headbutts – A headbutt from a Maine Coon is an endearing sign of affection. They will gently bump their heads against their owners when wanting attention.
  • Kneading – Maine Coons may knead or press their paws against their human as a leftover behavior from kittenhood. It signifies contentment.
  • Following – The loyalty of the Maine Coon means they will often follow their owners around wanting to be near them. This attachment shows how much they adore their human.
  • Slow blinks – When a Maine Coon stares at you with soft eyes and slow blinks, it conveys deep affection. Slow blinking mimics a cat kiss.
  • Purring – Loud purring while sitting near or on their owner is a happy Maine Coon’s way of communicating their love and trust.
  • Sleeping nearby – Maine Coons feel most secure sleeping close to their “colony”. Finding your cat sleeping sweetly at your feet or next to you conveys its ultimate sense of belonging.

Maine Coons form profound connections with their families. While cuddling may be their favorite way to show affection, they have many other touching ways of demonstrating their devotion on a daily basis. Their expressions of love come naturally as a sign of their bonding.

How To Invite Your Maine Coon Cat To Cuddle

While Maine Coons are naturally affectionate, there are some ways you can make your cat feel more inclined to cuddle. Considering their intelligence and sensitivity, Maine Coons respond well to guidance that sets the expectation for snuggling.

Keep petting time consistent by having set snuggling sessions, like at bedtime or during TV watching. Your cat will look forward to its routine cuddle time. You can also try tapping your lap or chest when you want your Maine Coon to join you for a cuddle. The sound paired with the space creates an invitation.

Use treats to positively reinforce when your cat cuddles with you. Give your Maine Coon a treat when it hops into your lap or nuzzles you. This will teach it that affection leads to rewards. Make sure children in the home know how to properly pick up and hold a Maine Coon to make it feel secure.

Set up a cozy space just for your Maine Coon, like a cat bed next to the couch or a heated cat hammock. Having its own spot will make your cat inclined to cuddle there. Get to know when your Maine Coon likes cuddling the most, like mornings or nights, and focus on those prime snuggling times. With their loving temperament, a Maine Coon who feels safe and cared for will eagerly cuddle up with its favorite human.


For those wondering if the Maine Coon is truly an affectionate and cuddly cat breed, the answer is a resounding yes. Maine Coons form close bonds with their human families and demonstrate their devotion through frequent snuggling and other loving behaviors. Their large size makes them well-suited to being picked up and curled into laps for petting sessions. And their tranquil temperament means they welcome human handling. Maine Coons will often plop down on top of their owners unprompted to soak up the affection. Whether sleeping beside them at night or following them around during the day, Maine Coons thrive when they can be near their favorite people. For cat lovers seeking a devoted furry companion that isn’t shy about showing its feelings through cuddling, the Maine Coon’s blend of intelligence, loyalty, and size makes this gentle breed a perfect fit.

So for those interested in welcoming a Maine Coon into their home, they can expect to gain a loving feline friend that will happily act as a living furry heating pad. The Maine Coon will constantly crave curling up close with its chosen humans. Their natural affection and warmth translates into being a breed predisposed to cuddling up with the ones they adore.

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