Do Maine Coon Cats Like Water? Everything You Need To Know

For cat owners wondering if their Maine Coon’s affinity for water is normal: Do Maine Coon cats actually like water, or are they just tolerant of it? This article will provide cat owners with a complete guide to Maine Coons and water – from swimming to bathing to playing in water fountains. You’ll learn why this breed seems drawn to water, whether it’s safe to let them play in it, and tips for bathing a reluctant swimmer.

Do Maine Coon Cats Like Water?

The Maine Coon is known as a breed that seems to enjoy water more than other cats. While not all Maine Coons will voluntarily jump into a pool or bathtub, most do exhibit an unusual tolerance for water compared to other felines. Many Maine Coon owners report that their cats don’t seem to mind being misted with a spray bottle or splashed during bath time. Some even enjoy playing in their water bowl! So while they may not be swimming laps, it does appear that the average Maine Coon is less bothered by water than other cat breeds.

Where does this water affinity come from? Many believe it’s related to the Maine Coon’s history as a working cat in New England. As native outdoor hunters who worked on ships and farms, Maine Coons were exposed to the elements – including rain, snow, and bodies of water. Over time, they likely developed traits that allowed them to withstand and even enjoy the damp conditions of their environment. Their lush, water-resistant coats and large paws are evidence of these adaptions. So while each cat has individual preferences, the Maine Coon breed as a whole tends to have a higher than normal fondness for water.

How To Tell If Your Maine Coon Cat Likes Water

While some Maine Coons will happily jump in the bath or swim around the pool, others may be more reserved around water. Here are some signs your Maine Coon enjoys water play:

Your cat eagerly jumps in the bathtub or shower with you. They may even try to climb in before you get in! This is a very clear sign your Maine Coon enjoys water.

Your cat drinks water, plays with or splashes in their water bowl frequently. They may also enjoy drinking from dripping faucets. This shows they like interacting with water.

Your cat tolerates being misted with a spray bottle or doesn’t mind getting wet outdoors. Most cats dislike being squirted but Maine Coons often don’t seem bothered.

Your cat asks to join you when you’re in pool, hot tub, bath or shower by standing on the edge or dipping their paw in. They want to be part of the fun!

Your cat meows or waits near sinks or tubs, especially when they hear water running. They are hoping you’ll turn on the tap and invite them in!

So if your Maine Coon exhibits some of these water-seeking behaviors, chances are they do enjoy water play. Always supervise them around water and provide safe, dedicated play areas.

Maine Coon cat.

How To Introduce Your Maine Coon To Water

If you believe your Maine Coon is interested in water, you can encourage safe water play with a slow and positive introduction. Always supervise your cat around water to prevent accidents.

Tips For Introducing Your Maine Coon To Water:

  • Start with plain water in a shallow bowl or tub. Let them observe and smell the water, and reward with treats for any interaction.
  • Add some floating toys to make the water more engaging. Track toys that move with the water currents are ideal.
  • Spritz a little water around their bowl so they get used to being misted. Avoid spraying directly at their face.
  • Place water bowls in bathtubs or sinks so they associate good things near these water sources.
  • Pour a small amount of water over their paws or fur so they become accustomed to being wet. Only do a little at a time.
  • Let them watch you in bath or shower so they see the water is safe. Have toys ready to encourage positive associations.
  • Once they seem comfortable, allow them to play directly in shallow, calm water under supervision. Limit sessions to a few minutes.
  • Never force interaction. Stop if they seem scared or uncomfortable. Let their natural curiosity guide the process.

With a slow, rewards-based introduction, you can tap into your Maine Coon’s water-loving potential while keeping the experience calm and safe. Proper training will satisfy their aquatic tendencies.

Maine Coon Cats And Swimming

While some Maine Coons love to get in the water, not all are natural swimmers. Maine Coons have muscular, dense bodies that tend to be heavier than other cats in relation to their size. This means some Maine Coons may have difficulty staying afloat and feel uncomfortable swimming. Their long, heavy fur also absorbs a lot of water which can make swimming challenging. It’s important never to force a Maine Coon into the water if they seem overwhelmed or unable to swim comfortably.

However, many Maine Coons can be taught to swim safely if introduced slowly. Kittenhood training in shallow water, under very close supervision, can allow some Maine Coons to gain essential swimming skills. Always use a cat life jacket for extra support and safety. And never leave your cat unsupervised around pools, hot tubs or other bodies of water – even skilled swimming Maine Coons could run into trouble. While their water affinity may make some Maine Coons born swimmers, each cat’s abilities should be individually assessed before any water activities.

Maine Coon cat.


While their water-loving ways may make Maine Coons more amenable to bathing than other cats, it’s still important to introduce water slowly and make it a positive experience. With the right technique, you can keep your Maine Coon’s coat clean and reduce hairballs without stress.

Tips For Bathing Your Maine Coon:

  • Start young if possible so they become accustomed to bath routines. But introduce older cats slowly too.
  • Use a shower attachment or handheld sprayer so you can control water flow. Avoid dunking them into a filled tub.
  • Use lukewarm, cat-safe water and grooming products. Test temperature on wrist first.
  • Give them a secure perch in the tub and have treats ready to reward cooperation.
  • Keep sessions brief, 5 minutes or less. Limit to once a month or only when needed.
  • Always use positive reinforcement. Never scold or force. Stop if they get upset.
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly. Gently brush out coat when dry.

With patience and care, regular bathing can become a tolerable – or even enjoyable – activity for your Maine Coon. Proper technique ensures you maintain their stunning coat while building a trusting relationship.


The Maine Coon truly is a fascinating breed when it comes to cats and water. From their history as rugged, outdoorsy hunters to their thick water-resistant coats, they seem uniquely suited to wet conditions compared to other felines. While each cat will have their own preferences, many Maine Coons delight in splashing, playing, and even swimming when introduced safely.

Providing appropriate water play can be a great way to indulge your Maine Coon’s aquatic tendencies. With proper precautions and training, baths and swimming can become enriching activities that strengthen your bond. By understanding where this attraction comes from and how to manage it responsibly, Maine Coon owners can delight in their cat’s charming quirks. So embrace your Maine Coon’s water-loving personality – and be prepared to get a little wet!

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