Do Devon Rex Cats Like Water? Everything You Need To Know

The Devon Rex’s skinny body and short, wavy coat give it a unique look unlike any other cat breed. But do these traits also make the Devon Rex an exception when it comes to cats and water? This article dives into everything you need to know about Devon Rex cats and their love of water – from personality quirks to care tips for splash-happy furballs.

Do Devon Rex Cats Like Water?

The Devon Rex is known for its unique affinity for water compared to other cat breeds. While the typical house cat dislikes getting wet, Devon Rex cats often enjoy playing in their water bowls, splashing in sinks or showers, and even swimming. Their energetic, mischievous personality means they delight in the novel experience of water play. In fact, some Devon Rex kittens will eagerly jump into their water bowls from a young age or join their owners in the shower unprompted. This water-loving tendency frequently surprises new Devon Rex owners who expect regular feline water avoidance. However, it’s an endearing quirk of the breed most owners quickly embrace.

This love of water likely has to do with the Devon Rex’s body type. Their short, thin coats lack an insulating undercoat which allows them to easily get wet. They also have long slender legs and bodies well-suited for swimming. Other contributing factors may include high intelligence and curiosity motivating their water play. Whatever the reasons, the Devon Rex stands out for enjoying water far more than the average cat. Owners should lean into this interest while providing safe outlets for aquatic fun. With some precautions, water play can be a great way to stimulate and bond with a Devon Rex cat.

How To Tell If Your Devon Rex Cat Likes Water

There are several clear signs that indicate an individual Devon Rex enjoys water play. Most obvious is if your Devon Rex frequently approaches and voluntarily enters bodies of water. This includes jumping into bath tubs, sinks, fish ponds, pet water fountains, or any standing water source. Swimming, splashing, and playing in the water shows an innate attraction. Devon Rex cats who sit in wet sinks or gravitate toward running faucets also show a water-loving interest.

You can also tell by your cat’s reaction to getting wet. Does your Devon Rex tolerate or even enjoy being toweled off after a bath or getting caught in the rain? This water-friendly attitude differs from most cats that dislike and avoid getting wet. How your cat responds to household water like a running toilet, leaked faucet, or spilled drink can also indicate their interest in water. Easy-going curiosity rather than fear or avoidance reflects their natural inclination. Simple experiments like placing them near shallow water can also assess their reaction.

Observing your Devon Rex cat’s unique personality and preferences will ultimately determine whether they like water or prefer to remain dry land kitties. Their interest may also fluctuate throughout their lifetime. But for the most part, the Devon Rex breed finds great fun in a form of play most cats shun.

Devon Rex cat.

How To Introduce Your Devon Rex Cat To Water

Given the Devon Rex breed’s fascination with water, most owners will want to encourage safe water play. Introducing your cat slowly and positively to water when they are a kitten is the best approach. Always supervise water activities and never force a cat that remains fearful. With patience, you can awaken your Devon Rex’s inner water lover.

  • Start with plain shallow water in a tub or basin. Let your Devon Rex explore the textures and drink or paw at their own pace while you supervise.
  • Use toys and treats to motivate play. Drag toys through the shallow water for them to chase. Give treats and praise for any interaction.
  • Escalate gradually to faucets and showers. Put a non-slip mat in your tub or sink. Let your cat feel and get used to shallow running water.
  • Try a kid’s plastic wading pool outside on hot days. Give them an easy way to exit. Never leave them unsupervised.
  • Invest in water fountains designed for cats. The flowing action intrigues them.
  • Play with water toys like foam balls that float on their water bowls. Supervise to ensure they don’t try to ingest non-edible toys.
  • Avoid negative experiences like getting sprayed with hoses which may make them fear water. Always let your Devon Rex set the pace.

With positive reinforcement and incremental steps, you can tap into your Devon Rex’s natural water abilities. Supervised water play provides great physical and mental stimulation. Just take care not to overdo it with longer haired Devon Rex, as wet fur takes longer to dry and can chill their skin. With some patience and safety measures, swimming Devon Rex cats could become a reality!

Devon Rex Cats And Swimming

While not all Devon Rex cats will become avid swimmers, their body type and personality make them more inclined to take to the water than other cat breeds. Unlike most cats, the Devon Rex enjoys playing in water and has a decent natural paddling ability. With proper introduction and training, some Devon Rex cats can be taught to swim and may even take to diving and retrieving toys from the water.

It is best to start swimming lessons for your Devon Rex kitten in shallow, tepid water. Always reward and praise any water interaction to build their confidence. Be patient and let them proceed at their own pace without any force. Some may pick up swimming naturally while others will only wade and play in shallows. Regardless of their level of interest, swimming provides great exercise and mental stimulation for the active Devon Rex breed. Just be sure to supervise all water activities, limit swimming times, and towel dry their coat afterwards. With the right approach, some Devon Rex cats may surprise you with their aquatic talents.

Devon Rex cat.


While their water-loving ways may make bathing easier with a Devon Rex than other cat breeds, proper precautions are still needed. Bathing should only be done when truly necessary for cats, but Devon Rex may require more frequent washing. Follow these tips for a safe and successful bath time.

  • Gather supplies like non-slip mat, cat shampoo, towel, cotton balls, and treats. Prepare the space to keep your cat calm.
  • Brush your Devon Rex’s coat thoroughly before bathing to minimize tangles and matting when wet.
  • Fill the tub with just 2-3 inches of lukewarm water to reduce risk of frightening your cat if too deep.
  • Keep a hand supportively under your Devon Rex at all times and never leave them unattended.
  • Use a washcloth to wet and lather their coat with a mild cat shampoo concentrating on the body rather than face and ears.
  • Rinse thoroughly being careful to avoid ears and eyes. Gently blot dry with a towel immediately after.
  • Blow dry their coat if possible or keep them isolated somewhere warm until fully dry.
  • Reward with treats and praise throughout the process to reinforce positive associations.

Regular bathing is not recommended for cats as it can dry their skin. But the occasional bath is safe for Devon Rex cats if done properly. Their chill attitude toward water makes the experience less traumatic than for other cats when following these bath time tips.


The Devon Rex cat breed stands apart for its uniquely engaging fascination with water. While most felines are known for disliking getting wet, Devon Rex cats delight in splashing, swimming, and water play. This quirky tendency frequently surprises new Devon Rex owners but soon becomes an endearing trait. Devon Rex cats likely enjoy water thanks to their lean body type, natural swimming ability, high intelligence, and endless curiosity.

Owners can lean into this water-loving personality by providing safe and supervised water activities. Introducing water slowly and positively during kittenhood allows Devon Rex cats to develop swimming skills and water confidence. With patience, treats, toys and encouragement, Devon Rex cats can be taught to comfortably play, swim and even dive in water. Tapping into this breed-specific quality provides great mental and physical enrichment. Understanding and embracing the Devon Rex affinity for water is key to fully appreciating these exceptional cats.

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