Do Devon Rex Cats Like To Cuddle? What You Need To Know

For cat owners curious about the cuddly nature of the Devon Rex breed, this article has the answers you need. We’ll explore whether Devon Rex cats are affectionate and enjoy snuggling and physical touch from their owners. If you’re looking to add a loving and cuddly feline friend to your home, this guide will help you understand the Devon Rex temperament.

Do Devon Rex Cats Like To Cuddle?

The Devon Rex is known for its affectionate, people-oriented personality. Most Devon Rex cats enjoy cuddling and being close to their owners. Their coat is short, soft, and plush which makes them enjoyable to pet and hold. Devon Rex cats often seek physical touch and interaction from their human companions. They frequently nuzzle up against their owners and sit happily in their laps.

While Devon Rex cats are very attached to their families, their fondness for cuddling and physical affection can vary from cat to cat. Some Devon Rex kittens may start out shyer and become more cuddly as they grow older and bond with their owners. Breeders say properly socialized Devon Rex cats tend to be extremely affectionate. However, each cat is an individual. The amount they enjoy snuggling can come down to personality.

Are Devon Rex Cats Lap Cats?

The Devon Rex frequently loves to sit in laps and soak up affection from their favorite humans. Their lightweight, slender bodies make them well-suited to draping across owners’ laps. Devon Rex cats often knead and become relaxed and purring when sitting in their owner’s lap being petted and cuddled. With their sociable personality, Devon Rex cats tend to follow their owners around the house looking for opportunities to hop up into a welcoming lap. They often curl up contentedly in their owner’s lap while watching TV or relaxing.

While the Devon Rex breed is known for enjoying lap time, there can be variability between individual cats. Some Devon Rex cats may prefer laps more than others based on their unique personality and background. Proper socialization and handling from kittenhood usually leads to a Devon Rex cat that finds comfort and joy in their owner’s lap. But ultimately each cat has their own preferences when it comes to climbing into a lap or snuggling up close on the sofa next to their cherished human.

Devon Rex cat.

How Do Devon Rex Cats Show Love Other Than Cuddling?

While the Devon Rex breed certainly enjoys cuddling and physical touch, they have other endearing ways of showing affection to their loved ones. Here are some of the ways Devon Rex cats can display their bond and love for their owners when they aren’t snuggling in laps:

  • Grooming – Devon Rex cats often groom their owners by gently licking their hands, face, or other skin. This kneading motion with their paws while licking is a soothing bonding behavior.
  • Head Bunting – They will bump and rub their head against their owner’s hand, legs, or other body parts. This head bunting spreads their scent and mixes it with yours.
  • Purring – Devon Rex cats tend to purr frequently as a sign of contentment and happiness around their favored humans.
  • Following You – Their loyal personality leads them to trail around after their chosen person in the home as a sign of devotion.
  • Sleeping Near You – Devon Rex cats like to demonstrate their trust and affection by sleeping cuddled up next to or on top of their owners in bed or on the sofa.
  • Slow Blinking – When a Devon Rex cat slowly blinks at you, it indicates they are relaxed and happy in your presence.
  • Chirping – Devon Rex cats often develop a chirpy vocalization directed at their owner as a unique way of communicating their affection.

The Devon Rex is a highly bonded breed that expresses its love in many ways. While cuddling ranks high, these other behaviors demonstrate their exceptional devotion. Whether head-bunting, purring in your lap, or slowly blinking contentedly at you, the loving spirit of the Devon Rex shines through.

How To Invite Your Devon Rex Cat To Cuddle

Devon Rex cats thrive on affection and are usually eager to cuddle, but here are some tips for inviting your cat to snuggle:

Sit or lay down in an area your Devon Rex frequents like a sofa, bed, or cat tree. Calling your cat over in a calm, welcoming tone or patting your lap can invite them to join you. Having a favorite treat handy can also entice them to come get cozy. Slow blinks, kissing sounds, and petting are other ways to communicate your interest in cuddling. Grooming your Devon Rex by gently stroking their head and back is relaxing and can lead to snuggle time.

It’s ideal to let your Devon Rex initiate cuddling so they don’t feel forced into unwanted touch. But cats want routine, so setting aside regular times when you’re available for lap time can get your Devon Rex into the habit. Quiet bonding sessions before bed are ideal. Respond positively when your cat shows interest in cuddling to reinforce the behavior. With their affectionate personality, your Devon Rex will likely become increasingly cuddly over time.


The Devon Rex is a uniquely devoted breed. With their intelligent, playful nature combined with strong bonds to their owners, the Devon Rex aims to be near their favorite people. While disposition can vary, most Devon Rex cats find great joy in curling up cozily with their loved ones. Their plush coat invites petting and their lightweight body is perfect for draping across welcoming laps.

Taking the time to invite cuddling, positively reinforcing the behavior, and setting aside regular snuggle sessions can ensure your Devon Rex gets the affection they thrive on. From sleepily purring in your lap to head-bunting your hand, the Devon Rex has so much devotion to give. With the right care and understanding of their affectionate spirit, the tender and cuddly Devon Rex can be a loving companion.

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