Do Burmese Cats Like Water? Everything You Need To Know

For cat owners who wonder if their Burmese cat enjoys water or baths, this article will provide key insights. We’ll cover everything from their origins near rivers in Southeast Asia to tips for making bath time less stressful. You’ll learn whether Burmese cats differ from other breeds when it comes to water.

Do Burmese Cats Like Water?

Many cat owners assume their felines universally dislike water. However, the Burmese breed’s affinity for water may surprise you. Originating in Myanmar, formerly Burma, these cats lived for centuries near rivers like the Irrawaddy. Their ancestors fished and bathed in these warm Southeast Asian waters. This history near water influenced the Burmese breed’s curious, playful attitude toward baths today.

Unlike most cats, Burmese often tolerate and even enjoy interactions with water. Their luxuriant short coat dries quickly, making swimming and bathing less unpleasant. Burmese kittens may need some positive reinforcement with treats or toys to associate water with fun. But as they mature, many Burmese happily join their owners in pool playtime. Their energetic nature and dog-like personality means they may even retrieve toys from water. With the right introduction, your Burmese may be paddling alongside you.

How To Tell If Your Burmese Cat Likes Water

Unlike most felines, Burmese often exhibit an affinity for water. But how can you know if your cat enjoys splashing and swimming? There are subtle signs your Burmese is a water lover.

First, examine your cat’s reaction when you run a bath. Does your Burmese eagerly jump in the tub or watch with curiosity? A water-loving Burmese may try drinking from the faucet or hesitantly dip a paw in. Interest and engagement are clues your cat may learn to enjoy bath time.

Additionally, pay attention while giving your Burmese a bath. If they relax and begin purring, they likely do not mind the water. Minimal meowing or attempts to escape also indicate acceptance. Offer treats and toys as positive reinforcement. Soon your cat may look forward to bonding at bath time.

Finally, bring your Burmese near pools, lakes or other still water sources. An inquisitive cat who approaches the water without fear may appreciate an opportunity to splash around under supervision. With patience, even water-shy Burmese can become avid swimmers.

Burmese cat.

How To Introduce Your Burmese Cat To Water

While many Burmese cats take readily to water, some may need a proper introduction. With time and positive reinforcement, even the most water-shy Burmese can learn to enjoy splashing in the tub or pool.

  • Start baths slowly – Only bathe your Burmese kitten a few inches of water at first. Keep sessions brief and offer treats after. Slowly increase water level and time as they become accustomed.
  • Use toys and distractions – Float fun bathtub toys to make bath time more enticing. Also bring toys like lasers or balls to play before and after bathing.
  • Give treats – Reward your cat with favorite treats during and after bathing. This creates a positive association with water playtime.
  • Try a lickable treat – Smear lickable treats like Churu on the bath walls or your hands. As your Burmese licks it off, they’ll become more comfortable with water.
  • Use calm tones – Speak softly and positively while bathing your cat. This prevents fear and helps them relax.
  • Dry thoroughly – Ensure your Burmese is completely dry after. Blow dry if needed. This prevents chilling and discomfort.

With the proper training approach, even the most reluctant Burmese kitten can grow into a water lover. Be patient and make water play positive. In time, your cat will eagerly splash alongside you.

Burmese Cats And Swimming

The Burmese cat’s dog-like personality and penchant for water means many enjoy swimming alongside their owners. In fact, Burmese are one of the few cat breeds able to be trained for water retrieval and swimming. Their curious nature makes them ideal feline companions for pool play.

Unlike most cats, the Burmese coat resists absorbing water, allowing them to swim without getting waterlogged. Their energetic temperament also means they’ll eagerly chase toys tossed into the pool. Start by placing your Burmese kitten in shallow water with toys to make swimming positive. Always supervise cats near water and invest in a feline life jacket for safety. With training and encouragement, your Burmese may surprise you by eagerly retrieving pool toys or even diving underwater. Remember to dry your cat thoroughly after swimming sessions.

3 Burmese cats.


While not all cats enjoy baths, many Burmese tolerate or even like water. Proper techniques can make bath time safe and stress-free for your cat.

  • Use a cat shampoo – Human shampoos can dry out feline skin and fur. Invest in a high quality cat shampoo.
  • Check water temperature – Ensure bath water is sufficiently warm but not hot to the touch. Burmese coats lack an insulating undercoat.
  • Use a rubber mat – Place a non-slip rubber mat in the tub so your cat feels secure.
  • Avoid ears and eyes – Shield your Burmese’s ears and eyes from water and shampoo irritation.
  • Massage and rinse – Gently massage shampoo into your cat’s coat rather than scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry completely – Dry your Burmese thoroughly with a towel followed by a blow dryer on low heat.

With a calming environment, enticing toys and treats, bath time can become an enjoyable ritual. Be patient, go slowly, and keep sessions brief. Soon your Burmese may happily hop in the tub.


The Burmese cat’s storied history near the rivers of Myanmar imbued the breed with a unique affinity for water. This sets them apart from other felines who normally shun swimming or baths. By understanding your Burmese cat’s water-loving ancestral roots, you can more easily acclimate them to liquid.

With ample positive reinforcement, even the most reluctant Burmese kitten may learn to accept and enjoy interactions with water. Fun bathtub toys, tasty treats, and your patient guidance can make bath time pleasant. And with proper precautions, your Burmese may become your ideal swimming companion, eagerly retrieving toys or going for dips. By respecting their evolving boundaries while providing encouragement, you’ll find out just how much your Burmese cat can really like water.

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