Why Is My Guinea Pig Hiding Under It’s blanket? Reasons And What To Do

Guinea Pig.

Guinea pigs are adorable and sociable creatures, loved by people worldwide for their delightful chirps and lovable personalities. Yet, despite their friendly nature, they are known for some puzzling behaviors, one of which is burrowing under their blankets. This behavior, while seemingly strange, can be understood better when we delve into their natural instincts and … Read more

Rex Guinea Pig: Care, Feeding & Other

Rex Guinea Pig.

In the world of adorable pets, Rex Guinea Pigs stand out with their unique charm. Being great companions, they fill our homes with joy and provide a rewarding experience to those who choose to welcome them. Brimming with personality, these cuddly creatures have a lot to offer. This guide will provide insights into their breed … Read more

Merino Guinea Pig: Care, Feeding & Other

Merino Guinea Pig.

Embarking on the journey of pet ownership brings joy, companionship, and an enriching learning experience. Among many possible choices, the Merino Guinea Pig stands out, radiating a unique charm that sets them apart. These adorable creatures, with their soft, curly fur and affectionate personalities, offer a remarkable pet ownership experience. Yet, caring for these endearing … Read more

Sheltie (Silkie) Guinea Pig: Care, Feeding & Other

Sheltie Guinea Pig.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Sheltie Guinea Pigs, also known as Silkies. Revered for their long, lustrous fur that drapes over their bodies like a silky waterfall, these creatures radiate charm and elegance. However, their beauty requires more than ordinary care. Learn about their unique dietary needs, meticulous grooming, and habitat essentials, all key … Read more