Are Samoyeds Cuddly? Everything You Need To Know


For people considering getting a Samoyed dog, one of the biggest questions is – are they actually as cuddly as they look in pictures? With their big fluffy white coats, Samoyeds seem like they would be the perfect cuddle buddies. But looks can be deceiving. This article will provide a definitive answer on whether Samoyeds … Read more

Are Samoyeds Lazy? What You Need To Know


Many people dream of owning a fluffy, cute Samoyed dog. But they wonder – with their thick coats and laidback personalities, are Samoyeds just plain lazy? This article clears up the myths around Samoyed laziness. We’ll explain their true energy levels so you can decide if a Samoyed is the right dog for your lifestyle. … Read more

Hiking Or Backpacking With Your Samoyed


Hiking and backpacking with a Samoyed can be a fun way to bond with your dog and stay active together. However, their heavy coats and high energy level require some extra considerations to keep them comfortable on the trail. This article will provide Samoyed owners with tips to prepare for hiking and backpacking trips with … Read more

How To Walk A Samoyed. Best Tips To Make It Easy


The Samoyed is an energetic and excitable breed that needs daily exercise to stay happy and healthy. However, walking a Samoyed can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the breed. Pulling on the leash, getting distracted, and jumping are just some of the potential issues you may encounter. This article will provide a complete … Read more

Are Samoyeds Good Dogs For Camping?

Samoyed dog.

Born and bred in the harsh climates of Siberia, Samoyeds were designed for outdoor living. These resilient creatures, known for their radiant white fur and uplifting smiles, are an intriguing choice for camping enthusiasts. Yet, their adaptability to camping lifestyles is a nuanced discussion that requires an understanding of their breed characteristics, physical needs, and … Read more

Are Samoyeds Destructive? Full Explanation & Advices

Samoyed wearing a colored bandana.

When we think of Samoyeds, images of a fluffy, cheerful, and friendly dog often come to mind. They’re indeed social and loving creatures, yet some potential owners find themselves pondering a specific question: are these majestic dogs destructive? Understanding this query requires exploring the Samoyed’s behavioral traits and tendencies. It’s a fascinating journey into the … Read more

Are Samoyeds Prone To Shedding? Full Guide

Samoyed dog.

Samoyeds are renowned for their playful demeanor, striking appearance, and fluffy white coat. Their unique, radiant fur is undeniably one of their main attractions, but it can lead potential owners to ask a crucial question: are Samoyeds prone to shedding? It’s no secret that dogs shed, but the frequency and volume can greatly vary depending … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Samoyed

Samoyed dog.

The Samoyed is a breed of large herding dogs, known for their white, fluffy coats and friendly, sociable temperament. Originating from Siberia, they were historically used by the Samoyedic people for various tasks such as herding reindeer, hunting, and pulling sleds in the harsh arctic climates. Their thick, double-coat protects them from extreme cold while … Read more